ATA Annual Conference 2019

The second ATA Annual National Conference happened on October 4th, 2019 at the Multicultural Hub in Melbourne.

It was a great success, with attendees reporting that the speakers were engaging and informative and that the networking and discussion opportunities were invaluable.


Presentation Audio and Slides

The audio and slides from the conference presentations can be accessed by clicking the links below:


Storm McGrath – Trends in international tutoring and opportunities for Australian tutors | Slides

Michael Clark – How to double your tutoring business profits within 12 months | Slides

Jenny Pownall – Supporting students with learning difficulties | Slides

Mohan Dhall – Why tutoring should be licensed | Slides

Colin Turner – Aligning the tutoring syllabus with the school curriculum | Slides

AnneMarie O’Hagan – The benefits of parent engagement in student learning | Slides

Moya Gibb-Smith – The advent of AI and its implications for student learning | Slides



Click below to see photos from the Conference: