Insurance with AON

In 2014, the Australian Tutoring Association established a corporate partnership with Aon Risk Solutions. Aon is one of the largest insurance brokers and risk managers both globally and in Australia. Specialists in meeting the education sector’s commercial insurance needs we have chosen Aon due to their expertise, professionalism and technical knowledge, and well as their excellent customer service.

Aon has developed and subsequently negotiated an insurance policy that meets tutors and tutorial businesses’ specific requirements at prices that are very affordable.  This policy is structured to cover you for any issues that arise in your role of providing tutorial services and any subsequent alleged complaints that may arise regarding your profession.

Policy Key Features:

    •  $1M cover for professional indemnity
    • $20M public and products liability insurance
    • Low excess of $1000.00 per claim
    • Covers you for any activities, that you were not aware of before applying for insurance, that come to light during the current period of insurance that occurred after the day you commenced (or incepted) your policy (your inception date). When you renew your insurance each year with Aon, your inception date remains the same date and does not change.
    •  The policy they have negotiated is underwritten by Berkley Insurance Australia.

Great prices.

Aon has ensured this cover is affordable for all members of the Association – be you an individual tutor, teacher or larger tutoring business. Priced quoted below are for $1M professional indemnity and $20M public liability and include stamp duty, GST and administration fee.

  • $300

    Tutors, Teachers and businesses earning less than $150,000

  • $500

    Tutors, Teachers and businesses earning between $150,001 – $500,000


Who is AON?

Aon is a commercial insurance broker that is one of the leading insurance brokerages in Australia and globally. The have divisions that specialise in both the education sector and the insurance products that the ATA and its members specifically require.

Why do I need cover?

Professional indemnity insurance provides you protection from alleged breaches of your professional duty which is the provision of tutoring services.  Should a student or student’s parent alleged you have not provided the services you offered they may seek compensation and your policy will protect you.

The Aon policy provides you $1,000,000 professional indemnity cover and $20M public liability and products liability.

What happens if an incident occurs?

Call 1800 020 339 immediately. Do not seek to find legal assistance yourself as this will likely be provided and the law firm appointed by the insurer.

How do I make a claim?

You should notify Aon as soon as practically possible when you become aware of a matter or issue that may be a claim or give rise to a claim. This can be a direct and obvious claim, or notification to address a disciplinary matter.

In all instances, any and all correspondence or documentation should be provided to Aon in the first instance.

You can notify a claim in the first instance by calling Aon on 1800 020 339, emailing [email protected] , or writing to Aon at GPO Box 1331, Parramatta, 2124

What is professional indemnity?

Covers breaches and alleged breaches of your professional duty in the delivery of your professional services e.g. tutorial advice or incorrect advice of learning difficulties.

What is public liability?

Covers claims for accidental bodily injury or property damage to clients or members of the public at your premises e.g. someone slipping over in your office.

What is product liability?

Covers claims for bodily injury or property damage from failure of goods sold by you from your practice premises.

Have another question? Want to contact AON?

Get in touch directly with AON Insurance!

Email address: [email protected]

Postal address:
GPO Box 1331
Parramatta, NSW 2124

Disclosure: Allocation of profits

AON have an arrangement with the ATA to allocate $7/insurance product back to the ATA for its advancement as a non-profit peak tutoring body.