Membership Benefits

Being a member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) entitles members to a range of benefits, discounts and corporate partnerships.

These include:

  • Promotion: Being listed on the ATA Website to allow clients to search for you. Members are also able to use the logo on their website and collateral to promote their status as ethical tutors.
  • Financial: Various financial benefits, including discounts on public liability insurance, web design and development, printing services and even education scholarships.
  • Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter covering the latest best-practice trends in education and tutoring in Australia.
  • Lobbying & PR: Various media opportunities for members when the ATA is approached for comment.
  • Dispute Resolution: Investigation into the unscrupulous practices of non-members and complaints made by the ATA to relevant regulatory bodies where appropriate.
  • Professional Network: Joining a network of like-minded professionals who aspire to accountable and responsible practices in education.

Other benefits include:

  • The opportunity to be involved in research to ‘map’ tutoring in Australia – its development, growth, benefits and value to mainstream education
  • The benefit of any lobbying the ATA conducts on behalf of members
  • The benefit of a public profile due to the good reputation of the ATA and its members
  • The benefit of a structured forum for the resolution of disputes, should they arise
  • The benefit of any in-servicing or courses on different aspects of tutoring, education and consumer protection that may be offered from time to time
  • The benefit of joining in open forums with respect to any legislation that affects, or is likely to affect what tutors and tutoring organisations do
  • The benefit of research done on the tutoring industry that informs best practice
  • The benefit of receiving news about the latest trends in educational research that is relevant to tutoring

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Prof K Sen

At Achievers Academy, we believe in connecting and forging relationships and this is what our ATA membership has provided us with: a sense of belonging to the Tutoring industry… we can already see the benefits of solidarity and unifying for a common cause.

Prof K SenCEO Achievers Academy Australia

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