Join the Australian Tutoring Association

Membership with the ATA carries a certain responsibility. The letters ‘MATA’ indicate that a tutor or tutoring organisation is a member of the ATA. Members can use the ATA logo in advertising to promote the fact that they are members and uphold the high aspirations of the Association.

Membership means strict adherence to the ATA Code of Conduct. The Code serves both as a guide to members, as well as protecting them. Upholding the Code of Conduct should ensure that there is consistency and predictability for the practitioners and their clients.

Membership Requirements & Inclusions

ATA membership includes access to free accreditation , discounted insurance, and discounted web design.  Once members have completed the accreditation process, only then will discounted insurance be available.

This is because accreditation represents less risk  from an insurance perspective, and thus attracts a discount. From an industry perspective, the ATA is proud to encourage accreditation to benchmark best-practice in Australia. Accredited ATA members represent the highest standards of tutoring in the nation, and arguably globally.

All ATA members are expected to complete the requirements for accreditation. When members join they are denoted as “pending accreditation”. This is because after making the membership payment the member is required to contact Accredited Tutor and provide evidence of their teaching qualification, working with children clearance, and any other specific information required to verify who you are, your qualifications and experience. Once this is done, Accredited Tutor will notify the ATA and advise us to change your “pending accreditation” to “Accredited”.

For non-teachers

Non-teachers need to do the training units provided by Accredited Tutor in order to be classified as “Accredited”. This requires contacting Accredited Tutor and enrolling in and successfully completing both a literacy test and the five training units. All of these can be completed online and they take 2-3 hours each (or less).

“Pending Status”

This denotes that the member has either not contacted Accredited Tutor or has not completed providing evidence of teaching or other required information. It can also mean that a non-teacher has not done the Accreditation units.
Preferential Searching

The ATA expects all members to be Accredited. Our search function has been designed to preference and prioritise members who have completed their Accreditation over those who have not completed Accreditation. Accordingly, Accredited members appear first in searches and pending members appear lower down.

How do I change my “Pending status”?

By contacting Accredited Tutor and either do the training, or show evidence of teaching qualification and other information they require

“Premium Accreditation”

Only businesses can obtain the “premium accreditation” status. If business with five employees or more opt to get all their tutors Accredited, they will be denoted as “Premium Accredited”. These business adhere to the highest professional standards in the industry. Accordingly, they are ranked first on any search. It is only available to businesses with FIVE (5) or more tutors where each of the tutors within the organisation is accredited. For more information, read about Premium Accreditation.